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Zeus 260

The Zeus 260 is an interior, boom style lift that is highly adjustable.

  • Highly adjustable to fit most vehicles
  • Vehicle tailored fitting kits
  • Standard with Docking Device
    • Two point keyhole bracket spreader bar
    • Two point karabiner spreader bar
    • Four point keyhole bracket spreader bar
    • Four point karabiner spreader bar
  • Easily removed when not in use and easily transferable from one vehicle t
  • another
  • Remote control powered by the vehicle battery
    battery pack not available)


The Zeus is an interior boom style lift that is highly adjustable and engineered to fit most vehicles for use with medium to large scooters, travel mobility scooters, manual wheel chairs and/or power chairs. The Zeus enables you to power your mobility device in and out of your vehicle with ease and is easily removable when not in use.

Zeus 260 Key Features

Compact Swivel Boom

Compact Swivel Boom

Integrated Mounting Base

Integrated mounting base allows easy, compact installation

Corded Hand Control

The hand control is within reach, moving with you


Model Zeus
Base Weight1 22 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight2 260 lbs
Overall Platform Length 16" - 24"
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground 36" (Vehicle Dependent)
Motor Sealed 12 Volt DC
Warranty 1-Year Transferable
Options Brilliance Package: Brilliant Blue, Radiant Red
Vehicle Platform Full-size van, Minivan, SUV and Crossover
Notes: 1 Does not include any accessories or hardware.
2 Lifting weight does not include accessories or certain upgraded seating. Please contact Customer Service for greater detail.